Study-UK Pre Departure Meet and Greet 2019 interactive session on the tips and tricks of living and studying in United Kingdom.

This year the British Council is organising Study UK Pre-Departure Meet and Greet, a pre-departure briefing for Indonesian students commencing their studies in the UK in 2019/2010. The event was held in Surabaya, 6th July 2019 and Jakarta, 13th July 2019 to help the students prepare for their departure to the UK and provide them with information on topics including visa applications, accommodation, banking, health and safety, travel, and well-being. 

Paul Smith, British Council Country Director opening the event by given remarks highlighting UK as one of top study destination and education system in the UK offer a wide range of opportunity for Indonesia students and welcome to the students. We invited Wendy Suganda as Sekjen PPI UK 2018/2019 (the Indonesian Student Association in the UK) and other UK Alumni to share their experiences about studying and living in the UK. HSBC Indonesia as our partner in Surabaya gave an insight for the student on how to choose the right bank when in the UK to ease any transactions process for day-to-day expenses to country-to-country transfer. There were 37 participants attended Meet and Greet event in Surabaya.

In Jakarta, Meet and Greet event attended by around 200 students. Helen Yang, Senior Marketing Manager Study UK, East Asia to present Study and Living in the UK. In Alumni The alumni talk show was very interactive and highlighted the world-class academic and learning environment that UK universities offer to its international students. When studying in the UK, students have the opportunities to learn from global leaders from global institutions such as The United Nations and World Bank.