The Indonesian Cultural Cities Profile reports aim to provide information and an overview of fourteen Indonesian cities, outlining their cultural diversity, population, heritage, assets and policies. The reports provide introductory information on the cities’ history, demographics and unique cultural practices, including the nature and scale of cultural, creative and digital policies and economy that exists in the selected Indonesian cities.

Each city profile provides:

  • Local governments' cultural policies, strategies and priorities
  • International recognitions
  • Cultural and digital infrastructures
  • Major arts and cultural events and festivals
  • Arts education provisions
  • Arts funding approaches and stakeholders
  • Existing networks involving cultural sectors and practitioners
  • Influential and emerging arts and cultural stakeholders

The research covers the following fourteen Indonesian cities, such as Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Denpasar, Labuan Bajo, Makassar, Ambon, and Jayapura.


This research is commissioned by the British Council, the research was led by Dr. Tom Fleming, director, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC); Nana Yu-I Lee, senior researcher, TFCC; Chris Joynes, consultant researcher, TFCC. The Indonesia research teams were led by Dwinita Larasati at ICCN, with support from Arianti Ayu Puspita. The CIPG research team were Anesthesia Novianda, Ferzya Farhan and Muhammad Rinaldi Camil. The Tanahindie research team was led by Anwar Rachman, and included Muhaimin Zulhair, Fitriani A Dalay, Fauzan Al Ayyuby, Aziziah Diah Aprilya Wilda Yanti Salam, Ade Awaluddin Firman, Ruth Onduko, and Rafsanjani. ICCN’s key city informants were: for Surabaya: Hafsoh Mubarak; for Malang: Vicky Arief; for Makassar: Ashari Ramadhan; for Ambon: Ronny Lopies; for Jayapura: Murda; for Bandung: Galih Sedayu; for Yogyakarta: Greg Wuryanto; for Semarang: Akhmad 'Adin' Khoridin; for Surakarta: Liliek Setiawan; for Aceh: Zulhadi Usman.

Programme Partners

The British Council builds connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is the leading international consultancy for culture and the creative economy. They offer research, strategy and policy leadership across the creative, cultural and arts sectors. They offer technical expertise, strategic thinking and the tools to position creativity to the heart of society. With offices in London and Porto and associates in 12 countries, they are an international agency operating in every region. 

Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN) is a hub organisation for cross-communities forum, connecting 200+ cities/regencies from all over Indonesia that are committed to implement the 10 Principles of Indonesia Creative Cities that was declared in 2015. ICCN published the White Book of Indonesia Creative Cities (2017) that adapts the 10 Principles to the Indonesian governement's KPI, and is developing a dashboard of Creative Cities Index as a tool for local governments to make policies/regulations based on the real time creative economy data of their respective regions. 

Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) is a research-based advisory group which aspires to excel in the area of innovation, policy and governance. Considered to be among the first research-based advisory groups, CIPG grows to be an open-minded and multicultural think tank with keen interest in building Indonesian research capacities across many sectors.

Tanahindie was established in 1999, composed of personnel from various backgrounds (researchers, authors, advocates, craftspeople, lecturers, students, social workers, and housewives.) Exploring urban social development from the perspective of arts and culture, the organisation's activities include research, seminars, exhibitions, reviews, and publication. 


Research documents that cover the fourteen cities as well as our country overview are downloadable below.