Saturday 03 December 2016 to Sunday 04 December 2016
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The Assembly of Animals is a magical, handmade, performed sculpture which combines puppets, objects and scientific demonstrations. Magnets, motors, inflating objects, travelling glowing liquid and other mechanisms give this complex installation a movement and life of its own. 

"The Assembly of Animals demands your utmost attention even if you have no idea what is happening, and gains the hushed respect a museum of odd, but precious, things deserves. Absolutely fascinating, undeniably bonkers.” - Flossie Waite, Children's Theatre Review.

Through a workshop and collaborative residency, creator and performer Tim Spooner will explore new creative ideas, presenting the idiosyncratic, slightly bonkers side of technology and culminating in a performance.


Saturday – Sunday, 3 – 4 Dec, Pesta Boneka Festival

Performance of The Assembly of Animals

Sunday 4 Dec, Pesta Boneka Festival


The Assembly of Animals in other cities:

Tim Spooner

Tim Spooner

Tim Spooner is an artist working in painting and live shows. Since 2010 he has been making and demonstrating collections of puppets or performing sculptures, presenting them in vibrating compositions of living and inanimate matter, sound and electricity.

These shows aim to expand an understanding of the physical world by revealing something of its inner life. 

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