Friday 05 May 2017 to Sunday 14 May 2017
All Screenings are Free

Europe on Screen 2017 is back. We invite all film lovers in Indonesia to watch selected UK and European films for free from 5 - 14 May 2017. There is total of 74 films from world-renowned directors which will be screened during the festival, 14 of the films are UK films presented especially for you by the British Council. Europe on Screen will be held in five cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, and Medan. Check out the schedule for UK films screening below: 

Eye in the Sky (Nominated for the Audience Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2016 & Best Original Screenplay at Denver Film Critics Society 2017)

6 May 16:30 Institut Francais | 10 May 19:30 Goethe Haus | 14 May 17:00 Erasmus Huis
Director: Gavin Hood | Cast: Dame Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman

Colonel Katherine Powell is a UK-based military officer in command of a drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya. She discovers the targets are planning a suicide bombing and the mission escalates from "capture" to "kill." But the situation grows complicated when the American drone pilot sees that a nine-year-old girl has entered the kill zone, triggering an international dispute, reaching the highest levels of US and British government, over the moral, political, and personal implications of modern warfare. 


6 May  17:00 Erasmus Huis | 11 May 19:30 Istituto Italiano | 13 May 17:00 Kineforum
Director: Brian Helgeland | Cast: Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Taron Egerton

The true story of the rise and fall of London's most notorious gangsters, the Kray twins. Identical twins Ronald and Reginald Kray terrorized London during the 1960s. The Kray twins rose to prominence in London’s criminal underworld, using gruesome, unhinged tactics and savvy businessmen to seize control of the city. The film is a classic crime thriller taking us into the secret history of the 1960s and the extraordinary events that secured the infamy of the Kray Twins.


8 May 14:00 Institut Francais | 10 May 14:30 Erasmus Huis | 12 May 19:30 Kineforum
Director: Andrew Martin | Cast: Edmund Kingsley, Lisa Greenwood, David Wayman

The year is 1959. It is the height of the Cold War. Guy is an experienced British pilot who is in command of Britain’s first manned mission to space. He has trained for 3 years and now he is alone in space when his capsule malfunctions. The helpless British astronaut has limited contact with his own team in the UK, unorthodox communication with suspicious Russians and Americans who try to intervene… Who will help him? Who can he trust? Who will bring him back home to Earth?

Documentary: A Syrian Love Story (Won the Grand Jury Award at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2015)

6 May 17:00 Erasmus Huis | 8 May 17:00 Kineforum | 13 May 14:30 Erasmus Huis
Director: Sean McAllister

Amer and Raghda met in a Syrian prison where both were locked up for speaking out against the regime. After leaving prison they married. 20 years and four sons later, Raghda is once more jailed as a political prisoner. When she is unexpectedly released, the Syrian Revolution is in full swing. Amer and Raghda must flee overnight to Lebanon, with nothing but their children. Filmed over 5 years, Sean McAllister charts their incredible odyssey to freedom. His dynamic style of filmmaking provides a powerful insight into what it means to be on the run.

Special Screening: Blackmail (Accompanied by live music from Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra)

13 May 12:00 Erasmus Huis | 14 May 12:00 Erasmus Huis
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Blackmail is a silent movie from 1929. Alice White is the daughter of a shopkeeper in London. Her boyfriend, Frank Webber, is a Scotland Yard detective. Alice kills a man in self-defense after the man tries to sexually assault her. When Frank is assigned to the case, he quickly determines that Alice is the killer. He covers up for her, but things get nasty when a petty criminal starts to blackmail Alice. This silent movie is accompanied by music that is especially composed for the film by 6 composing students of the Sjuman School of Music. The music will be performed by the Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra with Nathania Karina as the conductor.

Open Air Cinema: Paddington

7 May 12:30 Gandaria City Mall | 11 May 18:30 Gandaria City Mall | 13 May 18:30 Erasmus Huis Open Air | 14 May 18:30 Bintaro Xchange
Director: Paul King | Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters

A young Peruvian bear travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he meets the kind Brown family, who offer him a temporary haven. All is well until this rare bear catches the eye of a museum taxidermist.

Full schedules of all UK films in Europe on Screen 2017 can be checked here. 

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