Screenshot from the book "Direktori Kota"

#DirektoriKota is a collaboration project between British Council and Whiteboard Journal, under the global programme Developing Inclusive and Creative Economy (DICE), to raise the awareness of hundreds of independent communities/individuals, creative hubs, and academic discourses all across Indonesia. By telling interesting stories from these spaces, this campaign objects in establishing connection and collaboration with and between creative hubs around the nation, generated into engaging content and presented in Whiteboard Journal’s digital platforms.

This campaign consisted of four different elements including Creative Hub Stories Video Series, Direktori book, Featured Articles, and social media campaign.


Direktori: Indonesian Collective Map

This book contains 131 active Creative hubs in Indonesia. The hubs were formed in the years ranging from 1977 to 2020 with the disciplines of fine arts, film, music, theatre, literature, social, culture, and intersections in between. These hubs are spread across Sumatra, Java, Kalimatan, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi and Papua. Through this directory, we can aread the diverse characters and scales of hubs: ecosystems, makerspace, literacy, social and cultural movements, activism, and others that embodies all. As a universal underline, the creative hubs summarized in this directory relies on joint and community-based work, in which Indonesia is celebrated for.

Download the book for free! Single Page viewing | Double Page viewing

Video Series: Creative Hub Stories

With an outstanding amount creative Hubs across the nation, we selected a total of nine Creative Hubs located in three different cities where their stories arel be told in the format of video series. Every episode will tell compelling narratives of these hubs. Presented in fast cuts, and casual storytelling, this video will be appealing and effective in telling interesting stories from the Creative Hubs, as well as introduce them to wider audience.

Watch their videos here: Surabaya, DenpasarMakassar

Feature Articles

Featured articles invites public to get a deeper insight on Indonesian Creative Hubs. Through longform and interview, our articles will dig deeper on how creative communities sustain their existence and share their impact on their own ecosystem. Read the articles here.


Social Media Campaign

Through social media, we share stories from creative communities in an exciting way! There are infographics, interview snapshots, and Instagram live videos.  See our social media campaign here

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