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Our Commons: Food Resources or Harta Kampung Kota Kita is a collaborative project between Labtanya (Indonesia) and Deveron Projects (UK). Through this project, together with the local community and wider public, both collaborators want to produce knowledge and opportunities to navigate food resources, crisis, and community resilience issues in building our sustainable living spaces.

This project will be conducted by Adi Wibowo, Wilma Chrysanti, Gregorius Jasson, Nadja Tazkiya, and Nabil Azizi of LabTanya, in collaboration with Deveron Projects. 

Adi Wibowo

Adi Wibowo is a designer, maker, and founder of Labtanya. He initiated various socio-ecological research & experiments involving urban communities to respond to everyday challenges.

Wilma Chrysanti

Wilma Chrysanti is a community activist, soap artist, and co-founder of Labtanya. Actively working with her team to develop various research and experimental methods, together with urban communities, as a tool of knowledge production & socio-ecological transformation.

Gregorius Jasson

Graduated from School of Architecture Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, and have worked as an architect with Studio pppooolll in 2020-2021. He has interests in engaging and exploring critical perspectives of photography, literature, biodiversity, design, and popular culture studies.

Nadja Tazkiya

Research and program enthusiast with an avid interest in social development. She has a deep interest in exploring interdisciplinary research methods to understand and unravel challenges in society.

Nabil Azizi

Graduated from interior design major, Nabil is currently exploring animated illustration and collects his findings from bicycle rides around the metropolitan area of Jakarta.

Deveron Projects

Socially-engaged art organisation connecting artists, communities and place through creative research and engagement in rural Scotland since 1995. We inhabit, explore, map and activate the place through artist driven projects, addressing, among other things, food, ecology, the environment, health, community planning, and migration.

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