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CareCrisis enables two theatre companies to test a new digital performance format, with live performers from Sakatoya (ID), and live, projected performances by Zoo Co (UK).

They will explore the ecological impact of aging populations, and the dilemma that people face regarding whether to have children, contemplating competing concerns about care for the environment vs. the increased need for social care for elderly people. 

Zoo Co

Zoo Co is a multi-award winning theatre company. We create highly visual theatre, with an aim to ‘play lightly with things that matter deeply’. Our work is created for indoor, outdoor, digital and site-specific venues. We believe that theatre is better when everybody is invited, and accessibility for artists and audiences is a driving factor in our work. 


Sakatoya is an artist collective whose members are working in art management, production and theater works. Sakatoya currently manages: Partnership Program and the In-House Program. Through those programs, Sakatoya actively engages in creative and collaborative processes with other artists and groups from other art fields, both local and international.