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Hilang Child (UK) x Prabumi, Ninda Felina (ID) are working on a collaborative body of music built from field recordings of natural sounds from across Indonesia and the UK. 

Through this project, this collaboration aims to explore humanity and culture's relationship with the natural world. As well as the music, they will be releasing their field recordings for others to use. 

Hilang Child

Hilang Child is the stage name of Ed Riman, a half-Indonesian, half-Welsh musician, songwriter and soundscapist based in Brighton. His most recent solo album ‘Every Mover’ was released worldwide on Bella Union Records/PIAS in January 2021, following on from 2018’s debut ‘Years’.

Ninda Felina

Ninda Felina is an Indonesian DJ with a big love for nature, who has worked hard over a decade to make her mark on Indonesia’s house and techno music scene. Her passion for nature has made her an ambassador for Greenpeace in Indonesia, spearheading the 2018 ‘Save Our Sounds’ project.


Prabumi is a musical movement which aims to reunite and remind people that we are one, we are the same, we are equal beings. Prabumi responds to the sound of nature, world traditional musical instruments and the sounds of the earth.