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Mariska Febriyani of Ballet.id (ID) and Marc Brew of Marc Brew Company (UK) will collaborate in a 8-week digital art residency exploring the concept of space and restrictions, (reflecting on the pandemic), and reflecting the different landscapes of the two countries.

Each exploration will be filmed and edited to create a Dance Video that will reflect the different perspectives of the individuals, culture, and inclusiveness. 

Mariska Febriyani

Mariska Febriyani is a dancer, teacher, Founder & Executive Director of Ballet.id. She dedicated her life to dancing world in Indonesia. She created many collaborations and cultural exchange program between Indonesian and international dancers. She actively seeking for the support to create a program for Art and Disability.

Marc Brew

Marc Brew is an Australian/UK performer, director and choreographer. Based in Scotland, Marc’s work has been toured to critical acclaim across the world. He received a Centenary Medal for Outstanding Contribution as a dancer and choreographer and was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Award, Outstanding Achievement in Performance (Individual).