By UK/Indonesia 2016-18 team

09 April 2018 - 13:02


(top) 69 Performance Club, (mid) Bakudapan 2018. Captured by Arief Budiman, (bot) Ballet.Id

The Hive

Abandon Normal Devices (UK) x Ikbal Simamora Lubis (ID) x Tony Maryana (ID) x Laurie Crombie (The Kazimier, UK)

Last year, Ikbal Lubys and Tony Maryana created The Hive – a sculptural musical instrument – for Peak Cavern in Derbyshire. In 2018, Laurie Crombie – from leading Liverpool collective The Kazimier – will work with Ikbal and Tony to modify the instrument, bring in new electronic elements, allow for open-source audience interaction, tour the new work at festivals in both the UK and Indonesia.

CANdoDANCE 2 (ID) x Candoco Dance Company (UK)

One of the most successful UK/ID collaborations of 2017, CANdoDANCE saw a new company of deaf and hearing dancers created in Jakarta. Now Candoco will be back, to help broaden the company – encompassing any disability alongside dancers without disabilities – and cement CANdoDANCE’s place as Indonesia’s leading integrated dance company.

Mas Ito at The Bluecoat

Bluecoat (UK) x Nurrachmat Widyasena aka Mas Ito (ID)

Mas Ito’s retrofuturist visions question nationalistic narratives of space exploration. In early 2019 – the 50th anniversary of the moon landings – one of Bandung’s most exciting artists is in residency at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, with an exhibition,  public programme and interaction with artists and Liverpool communities. 

What Makes You Who You Are

Caglar Kimyoncu (UK) x Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (ID)

How far does your social, culture, political environment, sexuality or disability shape who you are? These questions around identity started from Caglar’s residency in PSBK, in Yogyakarta last year. He returns to Indonesia to work with local artists, creating a collaborative transmedia storytelling installation that is accessible for all, regardless of disability. 

Trans Connection – We Dig

Emma Frankland (UK) x Tamara Pertamina (ID)

It’s only really in the 21st century that many Europeans have started to understand the complexity and fluidity of gender; yet in Indonesia, there are indigenous ethnic groups that have acknowledged more than two genders for centuries. Two performance artists from very different backgrounds will travel together, listening to stories and learning about diverse approaches to gender, to produce a collaborative performance work.

In Chains

Hana Madness (ID) x the vacuum cleaner (UK) x VICE Media (UK and ID)

James Leadbitter – aka the vacuum cleaner – and Hana Madness are both brilliant artists whose work draws on their lived experience of mental health disability. They will travel together in the UK and Indonesia listening to the voices of those with mental health disabilities, including some who experience pasung (shackling): creating a brand new artistic response, and a new film in partnership with VICE Media. 

Village Video Festival: Tools for Conviviality 

George Clark (UK) x Jatiwangi Art Factory (ID) x Pavilion (UK)

West Java’s acclaimed Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF) will bring their Village Video Festival overseas for the first time – to West Yorkshire, drawing on the parallels between two rural, post-industrial communities. Village Video Festival invites artists to produce film work with and for the local community over two weeks: the UK edition will see Indonesian approaches shared through joint community engagement and a brand new festival in West Yorkshire, as well as two UK artists participating in JAF’s festival in Indonesia.

100 Masters 

Creative Black Country (UK) x Grobak Hysteria (ID)

Creative Black Country (CBC)’s digital campaign 100 Masters has already captured and told the stories of brilliant craftspeople in the Black Country, skilled local artisans who can inspire the pioneers of the future. The new collaboration will capture and share stories of the artisans of Semarang, from candlestick makers and pork noodle chefs to graffiti artists; train Grobak Hysteria’s artists in the techniques used by Creative Black Country; and share Grobak Hysteria’s own groundbreaking work in the UK. 

Unit(e) x Nongkrong

G39 (UK) x Helen Nisbet (UK) x Indonesian artist from open call

Cardiff-based visual arts organisation G39 will invite Indonesian artists to apply for a new residency as part of their Unit(e) programme. This will involve collaboration and exchange with 12 UK artists and professional development activities; plus a special ‘Nongkrong’ event, developed by curator Helen Nisbet, bringing UK and Indonesian curators and artists together for a public forum, inspired by the Indonesian spirit of relaxed, food-and-drink-fuelled, open-ended conversation.

2 Tak

WAFT Lab (ID) x Robbie Thomson (UK)

A DIY electronic and sound response to East Java’s custom motorbike culture, between one of Scotland’s leading young visual/sound artists and Surabaya’s renowned creative tech collective.

Docs by the Sea

In-Docs (ID) x Sheffield Doc Fest (UK)

This new development of an organisational partnership sees Sheffield act as mentor for the ‘Docs by the Sea’ pitching forum and lab, and offer a VR masterclass to Indonesian documentary makers, while building In-Docs networks in the UK sector.

Coming Together

Double Deer (ID) x Sprechen Music (UK)

Two key electronic music labels from Jakarta and Manchester collaborate for a joint EP, exhibition, futuristic art installation and gig – and even t-shirt – featuring some of the UK and Indonesia’s most exciting DJs and electronic artists.  

Our Future Roots 

Danielle Carragher (UK) x Kunokini (ID)

Dani and Kunokini’s first collaboration in 2017 was a real meeting of musical minds: KunoKini’s mix of traditional Indonesian instruments played in a contemporary style is a perfect match with DANI’s contemporary rhythms rooted in traditional Irish songwriting and folklore. Now they will make a whole album together, with Kunokini visiting Northern Ireland for several weeks to give workshops, perform at a series of summer festivals, and infuse the UK with the sounds of Indonesia.

Hannah Lee x Bakudapan Dual Residency

Whitstable Biennale (UK) x Bakudapan (ID)

Artists from the UK and Indonesia exchange residencies to explore a shared interest in food, from waste-free preparation to weeds and foraging, to migration of foods and culinary customs. The collaboration – with partners such as the UK National Fruit Collection near Faversham, and the Indonesia centre for banana conservation – sees public showcases kicking off at Whitstable Biennale in June. 

Vaulting the Oceans

LUX (UK) x ARKIPEL (ID) x Manshur Zikri (ID)

A new exchange in moving-image arts, in which UK and Indonesian curators exchange research and ideas about contemporary experimental film and video, sharing their knowledge through two of their respective countries’ most respected contemporary film organisations and a special presentation at ARKIPEL festival in Jakarta.