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The British Council Indonesia and the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) are organising 3 English language teaching (ELT) themed events over 3 days, as part of drive to support new UK-ID ELT partnerships.

This 3-day event aims to facilitate sharing of expertise and experience between the UK and Indonesian education institutions, government agencies, ELT and EdTech companies. It is focussed on innovation, best practice and enhancing the quality of English language teacher training, teaching, and learning.

Day 1: Official launch of UK-ID digital innovation grants to support teacher professional development (TPD) in schools and Higher Education Institutions.

Following the launch, the British Council will be inviting grants applications for UK-ID innovative and collaborative approaches to support English teacher professional development in schools and Higher Education. Grants will be awarded to UK-ID partners to design, develop, pilot, and evaluate TPD resources with the potential to be used national scale. Grant categories will include the following areas: 

  • TPD resources to support pre service and in service school teachers – e.g. open online courses
  • TPD resources to support teachers working in rural and remote areas – i.e. areas requiring low tech innovation
  • TPD resources to support teachers and lecturers working in Higher Educations Institutions

Day 2: Sharing Innovations in English Language Teacher Professional Development

Day two will focus on sharing innovations in English teacher professional development in the UK and Indonesia. A selection of leading UK ELT companies and UK universities will share their experience in remote teacher professional development adopting both high and low-tech tools and approaches. Leading ELT experts from Indonesia will present the teacher professional development landscape in Indonesia, including public and private innovations, current TPD needs, and opportunities.

These sessions are aimed at potential grant applicants, all ELT professionals interested in innovations in teacher professional development as well as education institutions, schools and government agencies with specific teacher training needs.

Day 3: Sharing Innovations in English Language Teaching & Exams

Day three will focus on sharing innovations in English language teaching and exams in the UK and Indonesia. Through two separate session a range of UK ELT companies, from well-known mainstream publishers through to tech start-ups and specific English specialists (e.g. medical English), will present innovations in remote teaching and assessment. In addition, an overview of the rapidly developing ELT private sector in Indonesia will be presented and explored.

Format and Registration

The programme is free to attend. All events in the programme will be delivered as zoom webinars and will also be live streamed on the British Council’s You Tube Channel. Please register for this event here.

Contact details

Maria Ersandi, English Programme Manager, British Council Indonesia
E: Maria.Ersandi@Britishcouncil.or.id
T: +62 (0)811 8470 882

Shabrina Fadhila, Trade & Investment Manager, DIT Indonesia
E: shabrina.fadhila@fcdo.gov.uk
T: +62 (0)811 8727 781 


Please download the event agenda through link below