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Diageo-British Council Social Enterprise Challenge for Arts, Creative & Tourism Organisations 2015: Call for Application

Many of Indonesia’s arts, creative, and tourism organisations combine the transformative social missions of civil society organisations; the inventive spirit of small-scale community-based enterprises; with their own unique way of expressing ideas and engaging with the public. 

We believe that their presence is critical, most significantly for generating intellectual, cultural and social capitals shaping any nation’s well-being and reputation: creative talents, a culture of innovation, intellectual discourse, as well as social tolerance and cohesiveness.

Nowadays businesses transacting in creative goods and services are increasingly recognised through public policies and private investments. However, there are difficulty of monetizing and achieving economic-scale for organisations that tend to focus on social and cultural transformations rather that profit-seeking. These organisations still lack necessary support with which to realize their goals and innovations.

Aim and objectives:

Following the successful AGF-British Council Community Entrepreneurs Challenge for community-based social enterprises in 2009-2014, our new initiative aims to facilitate Indonesian arts, creative, and tourism organisations to sustain and leverage their missions, using innovative entrepreneurial approaches.

By participating in this programme, you will have the chance to:

  • Understand social enterprise concept and methodologies that will help your organisation identify opportunities, including, where relevant, business initiatives, with which to sustain your mission;
  • Develop agreed measures and indicators that will help your organisation improve stakeholders’ understanding of the values of cultural, social and intellectual capitals and consequently increase potentials for attracting investments and partnerships;
  • Generate a "mission driven business model" to compete for a total of Rp.150 million of BC-Diageo CEC Funds that will help you achieve your mission.

Who can join the programme?

All arts, creative, or tourism organisations, including artists-run spaces, creative communities, cultural institutions, museum, community based tourism organisations whose primary mission are social and cultural transformations rather than profit-creating. As such,

  • [Update] You must be 21 years old or above
  • you are already running your organization for at least 1 years in the form of association, foundation, co-operative or even corporation.
  • your outputs may encompass intellectual discourses, creative workshops, art residencies, grantor festivals, which contribute to the generation of intellectual, cultural and social capitals: i.e., the creation of new talents, culture of collaboration, cultural understanding, etc.
  • you have been managing programmes and activities mainly through limited self-financing, crowd-fundings, in-kind supports, sponsorships, or endowments from grant organisations but are now seeking alternative, more sustainable means, for supporting and leveraging your mission and impact beyond its current level. 

Profit-making arts, creative and tourism businesses, including craft producers, design studios, game developers, advertising agencies, travel and culinary companies. As such,

  • you have been running your legally incorporated business for at least 1 year
  • Your current business transactions may already include the sales, fees and royalties from the creation, production, distribution and management of creative goods and services for customers and clients
  • you are innovating your existing business to bring more social and cultural impact to communities and the wider public

How to participate in our programme

Get the chance to be one of 40 participants in the Diageo-British Council Social Enterprise Challenge for Arts, Creative and Tourism Organisation 2015.

Please complete the online application by 22 March 2015 23.59 WIB.

If successful you will be invited to join us for a four (4) days of training, to learn with UK and Indonesian experts how to utilise social enterprise concept to leverage your social and cultural mission on 27-30 April 2015.

At the end of the programme you will be required to develop a Mission Driven Business Plan and a panel of experts will select the best plans for a total of Rp. 150 million and opportunity to go to UK to learn about Social Enterprise in Arts, Creative and Tourism Sectors.  

Apply now by downloading the application form below.

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