Going Global Partnerships (GGP) Programme builds stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education (HE) and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems. The programme supports partnerships between universities, colleges, education policy makers, civil society organisations and industry partners in the UK and around the world.

Under GGP Programme, we set out EDI outcomes: (1) a more equal and inclusive tertiary education; (2) increased inclusion and recognised value of under-represented groups (focus on gender); (3) increased access, retention, awareness, or agency of under-represented groups (with a focus on gender). Under GGP Programme, we broker relationships, create networks and partnerships, facilitate dialogues and exhanges, influence policies and system change. All these provide huge opportunities for GGP to make more meaningful contributions to addressing inequality challenges both in the UK and East Asia. The British Council requires a consultant to support the British Council East Asia Education Team to help us make the most of these opportunities.

The EDI consultant will provide technical expertise and guidance to ensure that our GGP projects and interventions deliberately target and effectively integrate gender, equality, diversity and inclusion considerations in its objectives, design, and outcomes. Through this consultancy, we aim to add value to our work in GGP by addressing gender and EDI issues in higher education contexts unique to East Asia countries and territories. In doing so, ensure that GGP outcomes are more responsive to UK government's goal for ODA work to reduce inequality.

The consultant is expected to have experience and specialism on EDI especially in the context of higher education. The consultant will be working with British Council East Asia Education Team.

Timescales (UPDATED)

Activity Date / Time
RFP issued to bidding suppliers 26 October 2021
Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline) 1 November 2021 / 23.59 GMT
British Council to respond to clarification questions 3 November 2021
Deadline for submission of proposals by potential suppliers (Response Deadline) 23 November 2021 / 23.59 GMT
Final decision 29 November 2021
Contract concluded with winning supplier 3 December 2021
Contract start date 6 December 2021

All documents required as part of your proposal response should be submitted to by the Response Deadline, as set out in the Timescales section of this RFP.

Please refer to these attached documents for more information.