We create opportunities for people in Indonesia, in the East Asia region and around the world. We help societies achieve change in education, skills, the public sector, civil society and justice. 

British Council Indonesia has been working in cultural relations and international development for over 60 years and has an established track record with multiple donors, including Asian Development Bank, Department for International development, European Union and World Bank. 

Our strong local networks have enabled us to develop a solid understanding of the challenges facing the people of Indonesia. This understanding paired with our global expertise in key sectors enables us to deliver value for money solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

Our work in Indonesia: raising standards and access in education

Basic and Secondary Education Project 

The BP-funded Basic and Secondary Education Project is focussed on community participation, teacher development and school leadership to improve school education in the West Papua region.

Find out more about the Basic and Secondary Education Project.

Education Sector Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership

We work at the strategic level to evaluate and review national policy on education. This partnership saw us develop a report on the education sector in Indonesia. The report was sector-wide in scope, covering all education stages (from kindergarten to higher education).

Find out more about the Education Sector Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership.

Peacekeeping English Project

The English for Peacekeeping project in Indonesia was established in November 2012. Organised by the British Council and the US English Fellows Program, its aims are to improve the English language and communication skills of UN peacekeepers serving abroad. This will be achieved through integrating English language training into pre deployment training as well as developing training material for use in the field.  

Find out more about the Peacekeeping English Project.

Non-State Actors Role in Education

Funded by the EU we work in Bengkulu Sumatra to strengthen the capacity of local government and Non-State Actors in managing and delivering quality education services at district level.



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